We Are For People Who Value the Expertise of American Craftsmanship

We Are For People Who Value the Expertise of American Craftsmanship

We believe in the United States of America.

We aren't here to bring politics into our business, take sides on issues, or make you listen to our opinion.  We aren't going to say who we voted for, who you should vote for, or even that you should vote because we're a business and that is NOT our business. 

We choose to stay away from politically leaning or offensive merchandise because, honestly, these days things change so much it makes it easier as a business to focus on products that are designed for longevity. We choose products from companies who have a solid reputation because that means a lot to us.

We aren't a fly-by-night operation. We want to grow and evolve this business so it survives well into the future. Making a quick buck is not what will get us there. Yes, we're a business and the bottom line is what it's all about, but we also care about how we do that and work hard to make conscious choices that support other US workers and small businesses.  

Our purpose is to supply people who value the expertise of American craftsmanship, quality products and handmade gifts that are made in the United States of America.  

We know that our country is filled with hard-working Americans who also love it here. That's why we only provide Made in the USA products from companies whose values align with ours. It's important to us to source items that are made with materials from the United States, not simply finished here. We're so dedicated to this that our logo includes the words "Made In The USA". That is something we must strictly adhere to based on our own integrity and the oversight provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Here is a link to the FTC website that explains what businesses must do when selling, labeling, and advertising Made in the USA products: FTC Made In The USA

This is not to say we don't appreciate the numerous awe inspiring creations from other countries around the world.  There are people all over this giant world who have perfected many, many, many things and that is something that should be revered and appreciated which we absolutely do!  However, we had to decide on one business idea and Made in the USA is the one we chose!  

We have chosen to focus on US made because while our country doesn't manufacture or export the same as in the past, there is a reason certain companies have stood the test of time and others have emerged from the voids left.  We have found the best of the best products in the United States and excitedly present them to you in person at shows or online where we hope you feel the quality somehow through the screen.  My family and I personally use or have tried a large majority of the products we carry so you can be sure they are items worth having.

We are happy to be able to support our own family while also supporting other small US businesses. 

Our Vision

To continue expanding and refining our hand selected and true tested merchandise in order to bring the best selection of US made products to the good folks of our great country!  

Thank you for learning more about us! 

We would love it - if you like what we stand for - for you to share our website or let people know about our cool stuff!  It's so amazing to have our tiny business grow little by little each month.

Our appreciation is immeasurable.